Escaping Neverland started back in 2009, in the city of Decatur, Illinois. With a mutual love of rock & roll and the desire to entertain the masses, we came together with a single goal…. to put on one HELL of a great show. As time has passed, we’ve found ourselves playing in numerous cities, on multiple stages, and for many different crowds. But with all the different people we’ve met, we’ve noticed something they all have in common. They want to rock out & have a good time! So, to meet the demands of our fans, we’ve loaded our catalog with an arsenal of music. Our tunes will either have you banging your head or shaking your ass.

Over the years, we’ve went through a couple changes in the roster. Some people have joined, some have left, some have left THEN came back, but the song remains the same.

It’s all about the entertainment, and that’s what we aim to deliver. A solid rock & roll experience to make you move your feet.