Escaping Neverland’s Members

Escaping Neverland's Members - Braun Sheets Braun Sheets

Braun was born and raised in Decatur. Since the age of thirteen he’s been playing guitar in local bands. When he’s not on stage with Escaping Neverland you can find him at Linda’s Music giving guitar lessons and slangin’ music equipment to the masses. He also acts as the head guitar instructor for Decatur’s First Gig Rock n’ Roll Camp. You might even see him take the stage with some other Neverland members in their acoustic project Union Square. When Braun finally decides to relax he likes to… He doesn’t know. Ain’t no time for relaxin’.

Escaping Neverland's Members - Mikey Schoneman Mikey Schoneman

Lead vocalist for Neverland. Mikey was born & raised in Decatur, and known to some for his work with helping to start Decatur’s First Gig Rock N Roll Camp for Kids. As the most recent addition to the group, he brings a new voice to our sound. Although Mikey is new to Escaping Neverland, he brings with him years of singing experience. Most notable are the years he spent singing for local Decatur bands, Point 08 and Union Square.

Escaping Neverland's Members - Graham Wene Graham Wene

Graham is a Decatur native, who’s been playing music around the local band scene from the young age of 13 years old. While skilled at multiple instruments, you’ll find Graham shredding a guitar during Escaping Neverland shows. Stick around & you might even be lucky enough to hear Graham sing a couple of tunes himself.

Escaping Neverland's Members - Chad Burns Chad Burns

Chad started playing drums at the age of 11. After playing along to his first AC/DC song, he was hooked. Chad has been playing in bands since high school and still loves drumming as much today. When he’s not playing he enjoys hanging out with his family and friends. As well as going to an occasional concert.

Escaping Neverland's Members - Joey Hotwick Joey Hotwick

Joey is who you’ll find holding down the low end for Escaping Neverland. Born in Decatur & now residing in Champaign. Joey started playing bass at 13, and though he was self-taught, by 15 he was playing along with Red Hot Chili Peppers for hours a day. Some of Joey’s influences include Victor Wooten, Flea, John Paul Jones & Jaco Pastorius.
The Wizards behind the curtain (or sound board) 
Unless production is provided, you can expect to see our two production engineers, Cody & Krystal, running around an Escaping Neverland show. They represent BashMonkey Sound & Lighting. These two always work to make sure we sound great and look as good as possible, and they do a damn fine job. The benefit of having these guys on board is that we can ensure a consistent sound at every Escaping Neverland show.